Questions Asked To Bloggers In Everyday Life in India

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Questions Asked To Bloggers In Everyday Life in India

This was a Facebook post of mine yesterday that got viral after one of my blogger friend Jeetu Aneja shared it on his timeline after taking my permission and many bloggers copied on their timeline. So here I am going to pen it down over here and adding few more questions that are asked to me by my friends or someone I meet for the first time.

Basically, in India, few people have the knowledge of blogging and majority of them have different perceptions. Few of the opinions of people about blogging are:

  • It’s online gambling
  • People download contents and bloggers earn
  • Bloggers are hackers
  • Make websites and sell them
  • And much more

It is quite difficult to make them understand what blogging is actually and if they understand then they have more questions arising inside their mind which really scares the hell out of me, because if I start explaining them what is blogging and how you can monetize it then they will become my permanent student, hence it would affect my blogging career itself.

The most difficult situations in my life where explaining to my parents about online marketing and blogging, they used to think I am stealing someone’s money or I am gambling online. Later my elder sisters understood what it was actually, perhaps they started supporting me which then helped me in getting motivated and chose to blog as my hobby and part-time career.

Questions Asked To Bloggers In Everyday Life

Being a blogger, these are the major questions asked to me by people I meet:

  1. Bhai website banate ho to mera bhi bana do (Bro you make websites? Please make mine as well)
    • Things were going on my mind – Free me bana du?(Shall I make it for free?)
  2. Kitna kama lete ho? ( How much do you earn?)
    • Things going on my mind –  I mean kya batau? Kabhi suna nahi hai kya ki ladkiyon se unki umar mat puchho aur ladko se unka salary. (I mean what to say? Haven’t you heard that you shouldn’t ask a women’s age and a man’s salary.)
  3. Mujhe bhi sikha do. (Teach me as well)
    • Things going on my mind – It’s about years of practice, experimenting with different types of scripts, spending sleepless nights, twisting my brain often and thinking of new innovative things and all you ask me is teach you in a matter of time?
  4. Job nahi karte kahi? (Don’t you work somewhere?)
    • Things were going on my mind – No I eat, sleep, repeat. (Why the hell people get mad if I am working from home?)
  5. Bhai mujhe bhi hacking sikha do. (Please teach me hacking as well)
    • Things going on my mind – (I’m a hacker, and I don’t know myself?)


So here it goes, I’m not taunting anyone(yes I know many friends have asked me these above questions), I’m not even telling I’m perfect at blogging on online marketing. I do have skills which I have achieved through years of practice and experience. You do not have to get a degree of IT to become a blogger or a webmaster, if you are passionate about learning new things then you can definitely become a successful blogger.

It sounds easy, but it is not, being a blogger we have to do a lot of research, stay updated to the internet all the time, we need to keep our end-users updated, help them, reply to their comments and emails.

Everyone is passionate about their job. RESPECT IT.


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